Manufactured for specific purposes, hoses and pipes are not interchangeable. Although two black rubber hoses may be the same size and have a similar appearance, they have different purposes and specifications. Substituting a similar-looking hose without ensuring it meets the required specifications virtually guarantees issues with the system and possibly even engine damage. Count on the auto part professionals at Donnelly Automotive Machine to help you find the correct replacement part.

A/C Hoses
We offer OEM replacement hoses for domestic and import light cars and trucks. We also fabricate new A/C hoses. For all your A/C hose replacement needs, count on Donnelly Automotive Machine in Decatur, IL 62521. Call us or visit us today.

Coolant System Hoses
Your vehicle's cooling system has several hoses connecting its components. At Donnelly Automotive Machine we carry a wide selection of hoses and can order anything we don't have in stock for most applications.

Hydraulic Hoses
When choosing hydraulic hoses, remember the correct length, size and pressure. Hydraulic hoses of the wrong size will lead to insufficient pressure and thus poor performance. For all your hydraulic hose needs, call or visit Donnelly Automotive Machine today. We offer a wide range of hydraulic fittings, adapters, and couplers.

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